Meet the Authors

Meet the Authors: Seeta Narsai & Siva Mohan

Ayurvedic Motherhood is a work of love, born from two Indian women who feel called to restore the deep reverence for mothers that was the foundation of ancient matriarchal societies worldwide. Drs. Mohan and Narsai are both established ayurvedic practitioners based in Southern California, the home of the yoga and ayurveda renaissance in the West.

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Our vision is for every woman to have access to information, practices, and tools that guide and support her in an individualized, natural and consciousness-expanding journey into motherhood.

Why we support mother-centered approaches to pregnancy

○ Because pregnancy is treated as an illness in our current medical institutions
○ Because we don’t acknowledge and address the “birth of the mother” in our modern society. Becoming a mother is more than pregnancy, childbirth; it’s sacrificing  your identity to birth yourself as a mother;
○ Because becoming a mother can actually shift your prakruti (constitution);
○ Because the mother deserves as much love and nurturing as the new child;
○ Because the journey of motherhood is an ongoing right of passage, a sacrifice, an empowerment, and everything in between;
○ Because the mother is an embodiment of primal creative power;
○ Because mothers are at the center of healing in all ancient cultures;
○ Because we regard our planet as mother;
○ Because motherhood can happen in so many shapes and forms in this universe, and all of them are sacred.